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Yoga by Blisstopia inspires our community & neighbors to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through the practices of Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda as well as other wellness practices.

Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most popular, if not the most popular, workout regime among those who are looking to gain flexibility, strength and even lose weight. It can be done from the privacy of your home or in a classroom. Yoga is great for reducing stress and allowing for greater relaxation.

Once you get into Yoga though, you learn that it is so much more than just a way to workout and keep in shape. It is a philosophy, a passion and a way of life for many of those involved in Yoga. While you may be getting into yoga for the exercise, you may soon find yourself wrapped in the philosophy and spirituality that Yoga brings a long with it.

Yoga is different from other forms of exercise which only operate on a physical level. Yoga does use physical practices, including postures called “asanas” and breathing techniques called “pranayama”, to strengthen and heal the body.


To “Be Blissful” is to live an inspired life – one in which our true nature of wellness, happiness and peace is cultivated, so that we may experience the challenges of our human lives with an open-hearted ease.

We invite our entire community to discover their own blissful nature through comprehensive yoga instruction – from beginner to advanced – meditation, workshops, classes, consultations, teacher trainings, ayurveda study and continuing education.


Yoga by Blisstopia has evolved over the past 20 years. The evolution is about providing support and healing with others not to others. The belief is that WE, not I can create an environment where there is safety, security, knowledge, caring, nurturing and space for healing to occur. When there is we, the energy moves more freely.

Everyone desires a place and space to feel accepted, tended to, and appreciated for who they are in order for BLISS to come through the womb of our souls. This is where you will find your Bliss through Yoga asanas, meditation, passionate teachers and teachings, workshops, meditation and energy work. So, we encourage you to join us, our Blaine-based yoga Studio is only a short trek from Minneapolis.

Our Classes Welcome Everyone...

Regardless of fitness level, or yoga experience. Your teacher will help you to take your practice where you'd like to go. Please talk with us if you have any questions, or physical limitations, and we will recommend a class for you. Please remember, it’s YOUR practice -- your best teacher resides within you. We ask you to listen to your body and adjust your practice to fit your needs.

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Address:  10611 Baltimore St NE #140 Blaine, MN 55449
Phone:  763-432-3242
Email: info@yogabyblisstopia.com

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