Amber Olivier – Yoga Teacher

How did you get started?

Yoga was a required part of the curriculum in college. Honestly, I hated it. I had already been a professional dancer before I went to college and thought it was boring and useless. It became routine in classes everyday and after college I went to yoga classes in gyms, because I was familiar with it, still didn’t like it, but held the idea it was good for me. Until one day in class, doing a particularly hated pose, parsvokonasana (extended side-angle) I made a small alignment adjustment and felt an energy rush, and contentment.

That was back in 2003. Since then I have maintained a regular practice coexisting with wanderlust and adventure. In 2006 I traveled to Egypt to practice “yoga-diving” in the Red Sea. Not only yoga poses while scuba diving but pranayama while under physically intense pressure. Finally in 2008 I went to training in Costa Rica to become a teacher.

How long teaching and in what styles?

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008, Alignment, Vinyasa, Power, Gentle, Yin, Restorative.

What pushes you to continue?

The more I learn the less I know,’ and that helps to open opportunities for others to teach me.

I taped this quote to my bathroom mirror years ago. I see it every single day, and it reminds me, every day, what real mental health looks like.

Who was your biggest yogi influence and why?

Someone who has since passed on, but believed I was more than my surface ego pursuits.

Favorite indulgence?

Climbing trees

Favorite Quote?

“As long as space endures, as long as there are living beings, my i too remain to dispel the miseries of the world.”

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