Katie Consamus – Yoga Teacher

What is your why?

Some might call me a professional Wanderer, but with my yoga practice, I can feel at home wherever I land. Practicing yoga gives me a sense of grounding and stability in an ever-changing life of transitions. It is my mission to guide others to find their own sense of groundedness and ease as they ride through their own wild, chaotic, beautiful lives.

How did you get started?

I began practicing yoga as a survival mechanism during a high-stress, emotional rollercoaster grad school experience. I sort of just wandered into a yoga studio… and kept coming back!

What pushes you to continue?

Yoga really saved me from a life of constant anxiety and stress, and I want to share the practice with others so they, too, can benefit.

How long teaching and in what styles?

I have been teaching yoga since 2013. Alignment-Based Vinyasa, Chakra, Restorative, Meditation, and Kids/Toddler Yoga.

Who was your biggest yogi influence and why?

Once, when I was taking myself WAY too seriously during a yoga class, a fellow yoga teacher playfully and gently pushed me out of the Tree Pose I had been holding. In that moment, she forever shifted my perspective. She released me from my attachment to pursuit of perfection and softened my ego. Since then, there has been a lot more joy and laughter in my classes!

Favorite indulgence?

Watching really bad acting in Made for TV Docudramas truly renews my will to live.

Favorite quote?

“Rules are invented by humans to serve humans. If you see that a rule prevents you from serving humans, why don’t you break it?” -Sister Chan Khong, Learning True Love: Practicing Buddhism in a Time of War

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