Marissa Torres-Bertram

What is your why?

I often tell people about why I practice yoga, is that in addition to the peace and mindfulness it has brought me, at the end of the day when I am 80, I will not be lifting 50 lb. boxes nor running a mile; I will want to make sure I can get my socks on. The flexibility, techniques and self love lessons that yoga affords me has helped me appreciate myself and the things my body can do. I will take the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I will learn to love myself more and more. I will thank my knees for still bending and my back for my good days. And when people ask me to name off the things I love, I won’t forget to list myself.

How did you get started?

My relationship with yoga started as a star crossed love story. I had just moved back to Minneapolis spring of 2016, and a moving box lifting accident later I had injured my lower back. I had always been a physical person with minimal past injuries, so to feel so immobilized with a back injury was strange for me.

I couldn’t do my typical strength training workouts, and after a few months of recovery, I decided that I would slowly start integrating more activity into my lifestyle again with yoga. I loved the environment and flow of yoga itself. Not only did it help strengthen me in areas previously undiscovered, but I felt more of an ease in my demeanor when attending the classes. The flexibility, movements and heated rooms were key to my recovery.

What pushes you to continue?

There are so many life changing themes and ideas that I have come to find with the yogic philosophy. The idea of svadhyaya, or self study, really resonated with me during my training. I liked the idea of yoga not an endpoint, but a commitment to always being a student and continuing to learn, as well as being adaptable and accepting where you are at at any given day. Expectation can create resentment, so by learning to be fluid not just in the asana/postures, but in the my mindset helped me approach everyday life with a gentler, calmer demeanor.

Who was your biggest yogi influence and why?

I actually didn’t have any friends or family that practiced yoga before I started my studies. I would have to say my first yoga teachers from training would be my biggest influences. They all had such amazing insights and opened up a whole other level to my yoga practice. Each class I was writing down wise one liners or ideas to think about later. They really created a great environment to learn, ask questions and grow.

How long teaching and in what styles?

I have been practice teaching for about 3 months alongside my training, but this will be my first official experience out of the studio where I was taught! It is very exciting. I am eager to meet more of the yoga community and learn just as much from them as much as I teach. I have my 200RYT and practice mostly Vinyasa flow styles. I also am finishing up my certification for Yoga Sculpt which is a high intensity, strength training based class in the mindfulness and certain parts of yoga.

Favorite indulgence?

Biggest indulgences include ice cream, naps, and a slight makeup addiction.

Favorite quote?

“You need to learn to develop endurance because life is not a sprint.”

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